Stephen Cardew

In many ways, my writing career started at the Cool River Cafe, Matlock , so it’s good that their experiment with having a book section is working out well. I wish them every continued success – it’s also my favourite place to have breakfast! Let’s hope they’re back up and running soon..

I’d also like to give a mention to the Reading Matters bookshop in Chapel-en-le-Frith who supported the launch of Cafe Britannica.

Please have a look around my site. There are examples of the best sort of writing I do under Good Work and examples of other pieces under First Drafts. I’ve recently introduced a Children’s page with examples of writing I’ve done aimed at children. I would be interested in any comments regarding any of these pieces.

Current Projects

Editing a detective story (working title: “Wish You Were Her”)

Writing a pilot for a TV comedy, in collaboration with my son, Matt.